Common Home Security Mistakes

Common Home Security Mistakes

Keeping your home as secure as possible should be a top priority. However, sometimes mistakes can happen which mean that your home could be vulnerable to a break-in. This could cause you a large amount of stress and it may cost thousands of dollars to replace items which have been stolen.

Here at Protect West Security, we provide comprehensive security systems that are designed to keep your home as secure as possible. Read our helpful guide about common security mistakes and how they can be successfully avoided.

Not Installing CCTV

Many homeowners fail to install CCTV on their property. You might think that CCTV is expensive, but this is actually a cost-effective way to protect your house for years to come. Cameras should be installed at strategic points around the home so that there are no ‘blind spots’ for potential burglars to hide in.

A lack of CCTV could mean that people are able to get close to vulnerable areas of your house (such as the windows) without being detected. Spotting potential burglars on the closed-circuit television cameras will allow you to call the police before they are able to gain access to the property.

Make sure to have your cameras regularly checked and maintained to make sure that they are in perfect working order. Any faults need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Defective CCTV cameras are as bad as not having cameras installed at all.

Leaving Windows Unlocked

Leaving windows unlocked is one of the most common security mistakes. You probably remember to close your windows when you go to bed, but take an extra five minutes to make sure that everything is locked up securely. The windows are the most vulnerable part of the house and they need to be protected.

Not Installing a Gate

Driveways are vulnerable if they are not protected by a gate. Potential burglars will be able to walk up to the front of the house and may even attempt to steal your car. Install a secure gate which can only be opened with the correct password or swipe card. Using a gate with a security key code will make the driveway secure.

Leaving the Car On the Driveway

Leaving the car parked on the driveway makes it vulnerable to being stolen. You could clear some space inside your garage to make sure that you can park your car securely inside. If you have to leave your car in the driveway, why not fit a clamp to the wheel so that it cannot be driven away by a burglar?

Allowing Windows to Fall into Disrepair

Old windows can become insecure and the panes of glass might slip from their fittings. This makes is easier for burglars to lift the glass away from the window frames. Replace old windows will new models to reduce the risk of burglaries.

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