Standard Phone Line Monitoring

Utilising the latest state of the art technology we are able to offer our clients 24 hour grade 1 monitoring from our control room right here in Perth. 24 hour monitoring will provide you with continuous monitoring of all facets of your alarm system. We monitor alarms, duress button activations, power failure, low battery, fire and medical alarms. The system does a regular test to make sure the communication line is working between the alarm and the control room. Our standard fee for this service is only $1.10 inc. GST per day with no fixed term contracts.

Direct Wireless Monitoring

In some cases you may not have a phone line or you may have BOB or VOIP.  You may also require high end security where you cannot afford the phone line to be cut by would be intruders.

In this case we provide you with a direct wireless modem which uses a wireless network to send signals back to the control room. The modem sends a polling signal which may be adjusted from once a week to every 90 seconds, depending on the level of security you desire. The polling of the system will effect the price you pay for monitoring. Prices start from $1.42 inc. GST per day for weekly polling up to $2.57 inc. GST for 90 second polling (e.g. jewellery stores, banks etc.).

Self Monitoring

If you have a standard dialler phone line, it is possible for the alarm system once connected to that phone, to communicate directly with your mobile phone. This is a very crude form of monitoring by nevertheless is becoming more widely accepted.

We have a one off connecting fee to connect the alarm to your phone line and thereafter there will be no ongoing monitoring charges. Once the alarm is activated by an intruder, two mobile phones will be rung, one after the other. Upon answering your mobile phone, a simulated siren sound can be clearly heard. This is the only signal you will get from your alarm system.

Paradox GSM & Voice Modules (Virtual Control Room)

The Paradox system have a GSM module that can be attached to the alarm system and with the insertion of a SIM card it will convert your mobile phone into a virtual control room. The GSM unit will send you an SMS direct to your phone giving clear and concise information as to which detectors have triggered, power failure, low battery and you can even re-arm the system using your mobile phone.

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