Thinking of investing in security for your home and don’t know whether to install an Alarm System or a CCTV Security System. Choosing the right system to protect yourself and your family is an important and often confusing task. Here we look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of either or both.


The main purpose of a CCTV system is to record accurately what is occurring around or in your home. CCTV systems can record from 4 weeks to as long as you want depending on how much hard-drive you install in the recorder. A number of high-resolution, day and night vision cameras covering your home are hard-wired back to the recorder and are vandal resistant and weatherproof. The recorder allows you to go back over recordings to see what has occurred and at exactly what time. It can also assist you in locating missing items around your home and you can easily check in on your family members and pets if required. By connecting the recorder to your internet modem you can also view live footage on your smart phones.

If a crime does occur CCTV footage allows you to provide a record of the event to the authorities with the end result being criminal convictions. Police are able to identify suspects, witnesses, any vehicles involved, and establish a timeline of events. Footage is also being utilized to verify the accuracy of the statements of both the suspects and the witnesses of a crime.

CCTV systems are now instrumental in convicting perpetrators and helping the hard-working police in their investigations and endeavors in reducing the crime rate.

Cameras are definitely a visible deterrent to would be burglars but cannot prevent the crime from occurring, it can only record the facts.


The main purpose of an alarm system is peace of mind. An alarm system consists of a keypad, internal and external audible sirens and an array of detection devices, such as motion detectors, glass break detectors and magnetic door switches. All of this equipment is connected to a central control panel which is usually hidden away in a cupboard in your home.

Alarm systems can be fully monitored 24/7 by a licensed control room, Self-monitored on your smart phone or simply an audible deterrent to scare away would be intruders. Back to base monitoring can also provide immediate patrol response or police attendance to your home. An added advantage of back to base monitoring is that most insurance companies look favorably at monitored alarms and will provide between 15% and 20% on contents insurance.

The deafening sound of an alarm can often be enough to frighten away potential burglars. But to be effective you must remember to arm your alarm system; however it won’t completely stop burglars from entering your home. Professional criminals who know what they want can be in and out before the authorities arrive.

Statistics do however show that a home without a security system is 2 to 3 more times likely to be burglarized and that 60% of attempted burglaries on homes that have a home security alarm were unsuccessful.

In summary no one system can provide full coverage. CCTV Systems can record wrong doings and an alarm system alerts people that there may be wrong doings going on. Therefore, pairing the two systems together can be much more effective in the prevention of crime.


At Protect West, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide cost effective security for homeowners. There is a range of top-quality security packages to suit every budget. Choosing to install both systems at the same time provides the most cost-effective way to secure your home. If you live in the Perth area and would like to have a security assessment of your property, feel free to contact us today and we can recommend the ideal security solution.