Each year thousands of fires destroy or damage houses, sheds and garages, commercial and industrial buildings, vehicles and vast hectares of bushland throughout Western Australia (WA). Bushfires in WA account for the highest number of fires attended to by career and volunteer firefighters.

The career Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) comprises more than 1,100 firefighters supported by more than 25,000 firefighting volunteers from the Bush Fire Service, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, and the Volunteer Fire Service.

Career and volunteer firefighters responded to and put out 1,360 structural fires, 1,690 rubbish fires, 1,554 vehicle and caravan fires and 5,339 bushfires for the period 1 July 2013 to 30 July 2014.

DFES’s Fire Investigation and Analysis Unit (FIAU) also support operational fire crews to establish the origin and cause of all fires attended by DFES. The unit also work closely with the Police Arson Squad to identify the cause of all suspicious and deliberately lit fires.

Fire Prevention in the Home

Every year, people die in house fires. Most die from inhaling toxic smoke and dangerous fumes. Sadly, most household fires are accidental and preventable. Losing your home to fire is a devastating experience with huge emotional and financial costs. By installing smoke alarms throughout your home and preparing an escape plan, you can help protect your family and property. You can reduce your risk and improve your safety by taking these simple steps:

  • Install mains powered smoke alarms
  • Develop and practice an Escape Plan with household members
  • Be alert when cooking and never leave food unattended
  • Never leave lit cigarettes to burn unattended
  • Stay warm safely by keeping all items at least one metre from a heat source
  • Clean chimneys and flues regularly from built-up ash and soot
  • Always stay alert when using anything that may catch alight or start a fire
  • Never leave children unattended with candles, matches and lighters
  • Don’t overload power boards, keep them free of dust and don’t put items on top of them
  • If a fire starts in your home, leave immediately and call 000
  • Remember, do not re-enter a burning house under any circumstances.

Check out these videos for great tips on fire prevention: