Five Home Security Ideas That Don’t Always Work

Five Home Security Ideas That Don’t Always Work

Your home exists to provide a safe habitat for your family, but it’s your valuable possessions that burglars are after. Unfortunately, the police don’t always make it in time to catch criminals in the act, and that’s if the authorities are contacted at all. Needless to say, burglars look for homes that are vacant because they provide an opportunity for an easy steal. That means you need to make sure your property is secure when the family isn’t home.

Many studies have shown that security alarm systems remain the best deterrent against theft, but it doesn’t hurt to have them installed in conjunction with CCTV supplied by the best security companies. We exist to provide you with the peace of mind that your home is secure at all times.

At Protect West, we supply and install house alarms and CCTV cameras that utilise the very latest technology. In addition, we offer monitoring services you can trust so that someone’s always keeping a watchful eye on your home. Some people choose to save cash by neglecting to buy security systems and employing other methods of home security instead, but that’s rarely a good idea. Below, this article will detail a few homemade security measures that are almost never effective.

Don’t Allow Your Home to be Vulnerable to Theft

Even if you have comprehensive cover for the contents of your home, there are always items that will be priceless to you. Make sure you take the following tips on board with regards to security measures that are often ineffective:

  • Don’t keep the lights turned on — Contrary to popular belief, burglars will easily recognise that lights constantly switched on likely means nobody’s home. You’re better off installing a system that will turn lights on and off periodically.
  • Avoid storing all valuables in your bedroom — Most thieves are well aware that homeowners hide everything in their bedroom. It’s wiser to distribute belongings in various rooms around your home in creative hiding spots.
  • Never suspend your mail delivery — If you’re heading away on a long holiday, you might be tempted to redirect or suspend your mail. However, that’s a clear sign that you’re not at home.
  • Big dogs won’t necessary prevent theft — Big dogs may look scary, but it’s the smaller dogs that make a lot of noise that are the most likely to deter thieves.
  • Don’t give away too much information — While your alarm may be branded, you shouldn’t post signs all over your home that give away too much information because this will make your home security system easier to bypass.

Always Trust Security Professionals

The best way to ensure your home is secure at all times is to have a number of high-quality home security systems installed that tell burglars your home isn’t easy to rob. That’s why we provide dependable house alarms and CCTV systems that effectively deter criminals.

At Protect West, your home’s security is our number one concern. Get in touch with us now to see how we can provide you with extra peace of mind about your home’s deterrent abilities.